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The anatomy of a web project


Our development begins with the installation of the state-of-the-art content management system Drupal, with Composer-managed dependencies: This guarantees that your system is always up-to-date and secure and can be easily maintained and expanded in the future .

Our package is expanded with user-defined configuration settings and thus offers all important content types: Our basic configuration includes flexible modules for creating and displaying content and all the necessary website functions.

Then we implement, expand and customize the content types: news, events, portfolio, team members, products, FAQs, downloads, partners, private content, ads / banners, published and private content, seminars, profiles.

We define category trees: Your content and its display are organized with flat or deeply nested structures. A flexible and expandable tagging concept is crucial for the organization of content, the display of organizational, semantic or natural structures and for a better navigation and user experience (UX).

Then we define global, special and recurring global layout elements: header and footer of the site, page navigation, contact form, forwarding to, newsletter, disclaimer ... Special lists and blocks for related, advertised or highlighted content, quick links and calls to action.

This is followed by main and secondary menus as titles and corresponding links: basic pages, rich content splash pages, dynamic lists and corresponding functions such as searches or filters.

Also important for the work of the editorial team: editorial workflows, authorizations, administration interface, backend lists and functions.

Finally we remove all "Lorem ipsum" entries. Last chance!


We also think of that:

Automatic creation of clean URLs with predefined standard patterns or definition per content type. Automatic forwarding in the event of alias changes. Backend management for 404 errors (page not found).

Metatags for Basic and Open Graph that are set up with standard field-based tokens. Google Analytics Code Integration.

Don't forget: Sitemap.xml and robots.txt

SPAM protection: Time-based and / or CAPTCHA-based anti-spam filter for forms, obfuscation of e-mail addresses to prevent spambots from collecting them.

A custom 404 page ("Page Not Found") with direct links.

Configuration of EU cookies compliance: GDPR-compliant banner for consent to store cookies on the visitor's computer, including the separation of consent by category. Please note that this only affects the basic functions of the website and associated cookies. If you are using external providers, ask for additional actions and services to create a compatible cookie model for your user permissions.

Contact page with a neat form, a contact pad and a simple map with popup info, controls and zoom level.


Project-dependent fineness

Site Search: Search API based search with customizable filters: indexed content types, indexed fields, ignore list, translations

Asset management system for self-hosted media and the embedding of externally hosted media.

Schedule for publishing or unpublishing content: You set the date and time when certain content should be visible.

Cloning and duplicating content in the system to speed up content entry.

Functionality for printing or PDF output of content.

Geocoding of content via known providers, storage of geocoded data, retrieval and visualization of this geospatial content on brochures, Open Street Maps or Google Maps. Map based search, clusters, data layers, customizable popup content and layout

Internationalization: We activate and integrate new languages ​​for the website, including setting up configuration translations, content and interface translations. Ability to export and import translations as .po files for translation agencies or external consultants, as well as setting up a translation management system that allows translators to translate content with special permissions directly on the website.

Language Selection and Language Changer Block: Customizable language selection rules that control what language your visitors' page is displayed in, including the browser's default language, user account settings, and session parameters. Language changer block that takes into account the presence of translations and enables customizable language names.

Content access and content permissions for private / protected content, content for organized internal groups or targeting different users of the website. We define a number of roles that control access to the content.

Create surveys, forms and questionnaires to collect information from anonymous or registered users of the website and to process user input. We use the Webform module for such tasks as it offers us a multitude of functions such as customizable fields, restrictions and actions: customizable emails after submitting a form, access restrictions for the forms, start and end dates for submissions, export of the Submissions in different file formats, reviewing and editing submissions, or bulk deletion are just a few examples.


The design

We don't want to question the creativity of our developers and programmers. But, if we're honest, when you think of the topic of "creativity" you usually think of a cool look rather than innovative database programming or javascipt libraries?

Our design as a process begins with an analysis of the existing CI material (logo, stationery, design guide?) We discuss possible graphic preferences with you and occasionally even allow us to advise against certain solutions. We are that naughty!

With your target group in mind, we then design the layout and some color and font concepts.

The implementation takes place after a presentation of the same, if we have impressed you with a design variant.

The fresh look of our websites comes from a mixture of bootstrap and material design. While the future-proof Bootstrap ensures the robust subsurface, search engine readability and accessibility, the Material Design developed by Google stands for optical structure and a high-quality digital world of experience.

Our Collection Pages are actually hand-tailored by us, line by line, section by section.
Your text tells individual stories through them, which we prepare graphically with font sizes, colors, photos, videos ...

The treat (aka the eye-catcher, the cherry on the cake) is an essential part of each of our projects. It makes your website unique and provides the necessary WoW effect.