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Mamilade is the largest portal for your leisure time in German-speaking countries and can be accessed under Austrian, German and Swiss domains. Excursion Guides GmbH.
The webshapers have been a reliable and competent partner for the support and further development of mamilade excursion tips and probably the best Drupal agency in Austria for years! Just talk to the masterminds Markus, Rosi, Philipp and / or Thomas, then it becomes clear why it is a wise decision to implement Drupal projects with the webshapers.
Martin Staudinger

When Martin Staudinger asked us in 2012 to take care of the advertising-financed platform, we were confronted with a very "special" Drupal installation. Too many chefs had been at work here, leaving their code fragments in the most creative places. Tidying up was the order of the day, and the site had to be reconstructed in accordance with the standards.

Since then, there have been a number of major and minor changes and functional enhancements. Continuous search engine optimization was an important topic over the entire period.

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© mamilade

Since February 14th, 2017, after a complete front-end facelift, the site shines in a new splendor.

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