Physio Austria

After having maintained their highly frequented website for several years, we were approached by Physio Austria in 2013 for a Drupal 7 upgrade, and to move their organical members databases to a new, civiCRM-based structure at the same time. That meant a lot of importing and migrating in a very strict timeframe - and a lot of fun!

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SOMA Lower Austria

By the relaunch of the SAM NÖ Sozialmärkte website we had one ultimate goal in mind: Make it as intuitive, user-friendly and simple as possible for visitors of the site to engage and support the social initiative in a variety of ways, from direct financial transactions to spread-the-word, goods donation or personnel help. We took the update of the website to the latest standards as our duty, and made the jump to this elegant, engaging and dynamic stunner. “We think that a great idea like SOMA deserves an adequate modern web presence.

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Education and Science
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WEB Traderoom

traderrom.at acts as a platform between holders and buyers of W.E.B Windenrgie AG shares and bonds. Bilingual setup, multiple levels of access restrictions, authentication against an external database, custom PDF generation and a mobile first webdesign were main tasks in the implementation of the project.

Banking and Financial
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Brunnenwelt is the leading provider of indoor and outdoor fountains in Austria and Germany. Pleasing and extensive products gallery, enhanced catalogue features, simple navigation and eased user interface were core features of the Brunnenwelt project. Their highly search-engine-optimized webshop is an important means to sustain and extend their market position.

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Mamilade Veranstalter.net

Mamilade is the number one family portal for leisure-time tips in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
We added tons of functionality for authorized counterparts that enable them to manage events and locations. User-driven content runs through a complex editorial moderation process. Additional features (and profit) come bundled with different types of paid memberships: social media links, video embedding, statistics or promoted content.

Travel and Hospitality
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