UNIDO - Trade Capacity Building Resource Guide

UNIDO has published the first edition of the Trade Capacity Building Inter-agency Resource Guide in 2008. The Guide serves as a useful and informative tool to multilateral and bilateral development partners as well as policy-makers in developing countries in the area of trade capacity building. 

In 2017 the webshapers were hired to implement an online tool on Drupal 8. 

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Small business

Together CCA

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FAL-CON HOLDING GmbH Tax consulting and bookkeeping firm

Banking and Financial
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The WITAF website acts as a platform for deaf people in social, political and educational matters in Vienna, Austria. Accessibilty mainly for deaf people was one of the main targets when we started to plan the web strategy on the relaunch. We realized the necessity of a special visual approach for the target audience.


WEB Traderoom acts as a platform between holders and buyers of W.E.B Windenrgie AG shares and bonds. Bilingual setup, multiple levels of access restrictions, authentication against an external database, custom PDF generation and a mobile first webdesign were main tasks in the implementation of the project.

Banking and Financial
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The international sun- and rain-sails company approached us for the multilingual mobile optimized rebuild of their web-site with three requests: style, efficiency and interaction. Our partnership resulted in exceptionally elegant looks; sleeky mobile first design and rigorous rich-data management. It now resembles smoothly both the company’s corporate looks and a business-to-business approach, providing at the same time space for end-client incentives.

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