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Speech therapy in Austria

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Professional Association of Austrian Speech Therapists
Thank you again for the cooperation as well as for all the understanding for our ideas and wishes - we have learned a lot from you and the website is certainly also a sign of approaching and understanding, but also your clear guidelines. The result is impressive!
PhDr. Karin Pfaller-Frank, MSc
The Austrian speech therapists are experts in breathing, voice, speaking, language, hearing, swallowing, reading and writing. People of all ages - from infants to adults - can benefit from speech therapy services.

Frontpage auf verschiedenen Devices

The professional association of Austrian speech therapists is the fourth association of the umbrella organization of the upscale medical-technical services in Austria, which relies on the services of webshapers.

Reasons for the relaunch

The maintenance of the old page was cumbersome, the editors missed areas for the publication of current articles (news), e.g. for the information currently required about the effects of the corona situation. Due to the lack of structure, the site has grown uncontrollably in many areas.

Technical challenges

One of the most important criteria for the customer was the provision of a single sign-on process. The association uses a third-party platform for member administration. Every member has a user account there. The requirement of the professional association was to be able to log into the website with this login.

Searching for speech therapists is a frequently used feature of the website for patients and their families. In order to make the search as efficient and user-friendly as possible, this data was exported from the member management system, reorganized and expanded according to the requirements of the association and finally imported into the Drupal taxonomy system in order to be able to use all functions of a contemporary search as best as possible.

The project was carried out in two phases

(1) Strategy development / conception

Strategy workshop to realign the website
Definition of target groups
Description of the requirements of the target groups for the website
Analysis of the page structure of the current website
Adding and removing content
Assignment of the current page content and the target groups
Development of the new menu structure taking into account the target groups and their requirements
The entire text and descriptions of the website were newly developed by the logopädieaustria team in the concept phase. This made it possible to work with “real” texts in the design and development process. Many thanks to the logopädieaustria team!

(2) Website development and screen design

After the new page structure had been designed and the texts created, the fresh and modern, but still functional screen design could be developed.

Luminous but by no means intrusive colors, clear messages, a modern, young world of images and contemporary typography make visiting the website a pleasant experience. The editorial team now has a robust and versatile tool for digital communication with members, speech therapists and patients or their relatives as well as with interest groups.

Frontpage screenshot logopädie austria | March 2021
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