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SIDMA Integrations

Mit Erfahrung und Leidenschaft

SIDMA Integrations is the expert for everything to do with volumetry, thermography, video analysis and biometrics. They analyze, plan and implement security systems for customers in retail, logistics, authorities and organizations with security tasks. SIDMA Integrations is your reliable partner when it comes to innovative security solutions.

Business Website / Corporate Website (Portfolio Website)
The website of SIDMA Integrations on different end devices


Sevil and Igor Marinkovic from SIDMA Integrations contacted us to redesign their website. The main goal was a better presentation of the company and its services to better reach their target audience and promote their business. At the same time, the new website had to be state-of-the-art and easy to maintain.

First, our team analyzed (including a workshop) the old SIDMA Integrations website and conducted a thorough inventory. An outdated user interface, slow loading times, a lack of responsiveness and SEO optimization had to be fixed.

Based on this analysis, we developed a new concept for the SIDMA Integrations website. The design should be modern and attractive in order to present the company appropriately while ensuring an optimal user experience. In addition, the website should be optimally displayed on all end devices.

One of the challenges was that SIDMA Integrations has high technical demands. It was important to adequately present the technical details and complexity of the services offered without making the website overly complicated for the target audience. This was taken into account in the design and structure of the website and was also new territory for us, since Sidma is active in a business field that was not represented by us before.

The result is a modern and responsive website that optimally showcases SIDMA Integrations and communicates their services in a clear and targeted manner. The website is fully responsive, which means it looks and works equally well on all devices. The user interface is easy to use and intuitively designed, resulting in an optimal user experience.

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