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Language promotion through music


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Content for Kids

By working with the webshapers we have succeeded in making the mysterious world of our little catchy tune Bakabu - the Singeland - accessible to all children around the world. It was a great challenge to develop an online portal, including a subscription and license system, which was specially tailored to our requirements and through which all digital content would be available

The webshapers were involved in the conception right from the start. They designed the project from a technical point of view and implemented it wonderfully - always structured (thank God, because we weren't always that), constructive, solution-oriented and flexible (very important if constantly popping up new ideas).

We appreciate the webshapers very much, feel that we are in good hands and are always looking forward to the joint meetings, where there is hot coffee with cool soda water as a side dish to good work and at least a portion of fine humor online.

Dr. Ferdinand Auhser
Author and manager

"The borders of my language are the borders of my world."
(Ludwig Wittgenstein)

Learning language through music: a completely new method of language promotion. The Bakabu songs were developed together with experts from linguistics and education. Children, including those with a migration background, learn the German language in a playful and fun way.


Bakabu, the catchy tune, comes from the pen of the philosopher Dr. Ferdinand Auhser. Shortly after he asked us whether it was possible to offer copyrighted audio content in a protected area of a website, the idea of "Singelands" was born: Parents can purchase and / or redeem voucher codes in the in-house webshop for full access to all available Bakabu Records so the kids can stream the Bakabu songs to their hearts' content.

Bakabu Screenshot
© Vermes Verlag

A main focus in the development of the website was on a playful, animation-rich design of a colorful Singeland, which should increase the desire for the songs and stories of Bakabu and his friends.

Bakabu Screenshot
© Vermes Verlag

The media player used had further requirements: We decided on the JW player, which gives us the option of implementing multilingual subtitles, individualized playlists and scrolling functions or picture-in-picture displays.

Screenshot Album-Playlist
Das Tierlied mit slowakischen Untertiteln im JW-Player © Vermes Verlag
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