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The webshapers, Drupal & CiviCRM

In 2008 we learned to love Drupal, still under version 5.x. We appreciated it most for its great flexibility. It was easy to understand its basic concepts, but difficult to see how much they would affect our future. We were soon able to create a fairly complex website in the field of Austrian comedy acts and events. And learned to understand the concept of world time zones.

A lot has changed since then. Drupal is now available in version 10 and has become the most powerful, most secure, scalable and most accessible CMS in the world.

Looking back, we've gone through all the development cycles and loved it more with each release.

We were founding members of the Drupal Austria association and took part in numerous conferences and events.

We have implemented hundreds of projects and faced many more challenges. We have built large search engines, operated a stock trading platform and collected donations through FundraisingBox, Altruja and iRaiser. Everything with Drupal.

Based on Drupal, we have sold indoor fountains, coffee tabs, concert tickets (including Kurt Ostbahn), subscriptions for online media content for language training and for travel information that specializes in the LGBTQ + community. And we sold memberships. Many.

We manage the memberships, create and send invoices and payment confirmations for the leading organizations of Austrian physiotherapists and speech therapists, biotechnologists and occupational therapists. We do this with civiCRM, which integrates perfectly into Drupal. Like Greenpeace. And we know how to do it.

For we have developed advanced online training courses for registered experts who can download their certificates. If you want to find out how many pineapple exports should be rejected for any reason from a specific country, this platform is for you too!

Drupal will serve you well!