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Digital membership solutions

website und administration with CiviCRM


biomed austria

Austrian professional Association of Biomedical Analysts
The Federal Association of Biomedical Analysts in Austria is one of the most progressive organizations that we have been able to work with since 2019.

We have relaunched all areas of the public website including the integrated member area in one take:

The CRM system was converted to CiviCRM including all contacts, memberships, payments and course functions. But what distinguishes biomed austria: They really strive to provide their members and course participants with a digital solution for every task and interaction.

Biomed Kongress- Seiten auf unterschiedlichen Devices
Immer bestens informiert über das aktuelle Kongress-Programm. Responsive, auf allen Endgeräten!

Every common task that was laboriously handled by e-mail and in complicated processes is now converted into an online registration, form submission and an automated process.

From managing contact details to digital courses, online exams and certifications, to user dashboards or personal course portfolios, and last but not least - lots of spontaneously generated PDFs.

The reduction in total CO2 emissions and processing times certainly deserve applause!

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