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Get ready for Oktoberfest

"Tullner Wiesn" on the web


Jugendblasorchester Tulln

Buckle up, dear audience, because after a far too long corona-related break we can soon say again: "Ozapft is!"

The webshapers also in the service of brass music:

Discretion is weakness is not only the motto of the event, it also guided us through the design process. Colorful background videos (without music, thanks!) And some gaudy scroll animations became integral parts of the front end. The fact that the basic red-white color scheme prevailed instead of blue-white is due to the local patriotism of the young people from Tulln. Good this way!

And so that nobody really misses it, we have already reactivated the popular countdown. By the way, at the time these lines were written, it was only 199 days, 23 hours and 34 minutes ...

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